Chinese Solar Eclipse UFO Confirmed

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According to Michael Cohen is a Breakthrough in UFO-disclosure very near!

No less that 22 students witnessed the recent solar eclipse UFO and 9 captured separate images ! The UFO was described by the students as initially being dark metallic in color, then glowing and morphing in shape. Astonishingly the morphing was captured on film and Xinhua (China's government news outlet) has confirmed that government authorities are studying the images.

ANW has extensively reported on the UFO photographed by Nilton Noveas in Fortaleza, now confirmed by government scientists to be an extraterrestrial craft

The event itself has been reported in over 100 Asian news outlets (yet oddly, completely ignored in the West).

In a world where at least half the children in a school class carry camera phones it will become increasingly difficult for governments to keep the big secret of alien visitation from the public. Perhaps it is time to come clean: before the Axthadans themselves do
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