An Awsome Jewish man, Exposes the Jewminati!!!

This man is JEWISH.!!! I say again..!! This man is JEWISH..!!! He was raised in an upper middle class JEWISH community.! He was schooled in a Talmudic Synagoge, and he is telling us that all these groups like thee Illumanti, freemasons that have infiltrated every aspect of OUR nation.!! Are JEWISH run and controled..!! Yet, some of you because of how strongly, and severly you have been brainwased by the Jewish controled media..!!! will Question even this obvious insider, and the warning he is trying to give US..!! I love this man..!!! HE has alot of guts to go against everything he has been taught, at risk to himself, and his family.. I just hope they do not "silence" him. If you are intersted in knowing more of the "REAL TRUTH" please visit:, and sign up for the fight of your life..!!!!

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