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New UFO Sightings 2009 No Joke Real Footage!

  • Lordgaga
  • uploaded: Sep 7, 2009
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  • Lordgaga#

    Lordgaga September 8, 2009 9:50:55 PM CEST


  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz September 8, 2009 9:47:11 PM CEST

    Good stuff, astronauts weren't using the secure transmission link to nasa command. Cheers for sharing this

  • Donica519#

    Donica519 September 8, 2009 4:42:24 AM CEST

    You are correct. This is from Sep 06, STS 115 or 116. 116. Anyway I saw some footage on FOX News during commercial/update break that showed the doughnut-holed UFOs from some angle (it showed 5 - 7 doughnut UFOs with light blue background) Uma Pomerague said that the shuttle was going to wait a day to land cuz of "debris". But debris they showed was not the same. but I never saw the same shot/footage again. But yes u r correct, this is the footage of the "debris" that kept them from landing for another day in Sep 06

  • Damic#

    Damic September 8, 2009 12:39:26 AM CEST

    whats this crap..about a month or so ago a video was posted with the same soundtrack but with video of what looked like a satelite....whats up?

  • Cdr123#

    Cdr123 September 7, 2009 4:32:31 PM CEST

    You know, i listen to mission control and they appear to ignore "things" or speak in NASA jargon so it all sounds gobble de gook.If this lot are being paid out of government taxes to explore space they have a responsibility to be honest with their people.And lets take that a step further, if the USA have access to UFO technology etc why the hell are they messing about with rockets and putting humans at risk by throwing them into space on the back of a lump of junk!!Rockets are so outdated you might as well tie the spaceshuttle to the rockets with sticky back plastic, then stand back and light the blue touch paper!!I believe in ufos and i think there are some in the know who think they are superior to the rest of us and therefore the technology is for their eyes only.Let's hope there is a loud "wake up call" to these guys that the rest of us wont tollerate their lies etc any longer.

  • Lordgaga#

    Lordgaga September 7, 2009 2:50:35 PM CEST

    not the most recent but cool! I am not the author!

  • Inhdi#

    Inhdi September 7, 2009 12:58:57 PM CEST

    Go here: http://www.imageboo.com/files/93j2kfwgw7loxhk3tne6.jpg, for a ScreenGrab of a 'blue flash' @ 6:10 of your video. (I think there's, at least, one more 'blue flash' like the one I got. Go see! When the camera follows the 3 lights in triangular formation there's another 'blue flash'!)

  • Flyingpenguin#

    Flyingpenguin September 7, 2009 12:38:08 PM CEST

    isn't this an older footage ??? Please correct me if i'm wrong ;)

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