Adulterers and their stooges disciples-Kanjrian or

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Sep 7, 2009
  • Views: 2399 In this Dark Age, Kalyug people have "His Word", SHABD as their Guru or Teacher and this is delivered by the anointed Christs called Satgurus in Punjabi. This is declared in verse: PAVAN, SHABD OR HIS WORD, ARANBH, BEGINNING, SATGUR MATT WAILA, Time to go by your innerman, the christ; SHABD GURU, SURAT, holy spirit or common sense, DHUNN CHAELA, a person with holy spirit is the disciple. First Christ was Christ Jesus and the Second was Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. Jesus had to preach Gospel for a short while because the Middle East sons of Satan were young Princes and to them just rebuke was enough to kill themselves whilst in the East almost 150 years as the sons of Satan, the Khatris, were Kings of Darkness in the Punjab and Emperors of Darkness in Kashmir Valley to fight against. In Kalyug, you cannot have a DAEH DHARI Guru with physical Body such as the Brahmins who worked for Adam or Shiv but His Word, the abstract representation of God that is Spirit and not flesh. That is why in Sikhism, it is clearly stated that you meet God through His Word, SHABD MALAWA HOWAE. So, every one of us has to give his own account to God and not by any leader called a Baba, whom you may follow like a blind that he would take care of you. These Babae are Mammon worshippers. They live on the charity of their devotees and have no conscience. Would you live on the hard earned money of another person who is your good friend and trusts you? No. Thus, these Babae are parasite on their simple minded people and lead a luxurious life riding in expensive cars, enjoying the best food and accommodation. All these crooks need to do is to proclaim sugar-coated sermons that you are sinners and they can help you to God. How could a hypocrite know God himself? No way. Such Babae commit adultery when they make a following and the followers commit adultery as they are no more Virgins or SOOHAGHAN worthy of meeting our Father as they have already married these Babae. This I will explain later graphically. So, your aim is to become solitary capable of giving your own account to God. Babae cannot give your account to God. There are many greedy blind Babae who make you sink as they sink as well. A True to God Preacher, does not accept money in any form and he himself works for his living as St.Paul worked as a Tent maker. He himself is solitary and he encourages others to become solitary by understanding His Word and leading their lives accordingly. How many such Babae you have come across? Such truthful and devoted Preachers desire the Eternal Bread of Life, His Word and not the worldly riches.

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