And this is norm.!! NOT the exception!!

And this happens everyday right here in America, but you will not hear about it..!! Because of the same reason it took two years for this woman to have anything done about it.!! Wake the fuck up..!! They are the Racist supremacist..!! When they tell you they are not..! They are lying..!! Allways have been, and allways will be, and this is why.!! From the Jewish holy book the Talmud: "Jews May Lie to Non-Jews
Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human
Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.", and this is but a tiny bit of the racist and supremacist teachings that have their "children" acting this way..!! Despite all of this I know I will get comments on this video declaring loudly, and annoyingly.... That well hey buddy.!! It's not all Jews.!! From the brainwashed masses, who in stating the obvious, will TOTALY MISS THE POINT.!! To take your brain back visit and wake the fuck up.!!

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