1800s Irish Seer foresaw EU Federal State

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Francis Codjoe researched for 9 years to complete this book..due for release SEPT 18th 2009 In his book Francis discloses the name of the Irish Seer of Dublin who foresaw the forming of a federal State of Europe. The EU leaders are unconsiously bringing to pass what the Seer of Dublin wrote about European Union, it's character and future prospects before the French Founding fathers of the EU were born. 'Why the European Union? Is the Future of Europe Bright ot Dark?' is on sale from the Publishers www.originalwriting.ie and is published in Ireland. This is a crucial time for the Irish, as it is now the only country in the EU to allow its people a referendum for ratifying the EU Constitution/Treaty. Their verdict will affect every one of the millions of people living in the EU.


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