UFO Beijing 1995 - A Simple Analysis

UFO Beijing 1995 - A Simple Analysis

A simple "Analysis" of the Footage "UFO Beijim China 1995", so many times said as "hoax" or "fake".
You don't have to be an "Expert" on Video Analysis... just watch the few and simple effects applied to the footage and you decide.

Uma simples "Análise" do Vídeo "UFO Beijim China 1995", tantas vezes dito como "montagem" ou "falso".
Não precisa-se ser um "Expert" em Análise de Imagens e Vídeos. Apenas observe os simples e poucos efeitos aplicados ao vídeo e decida.

Here is a very positive Comment of a Friend of mine, "CharmedCosmicGem78":

Great Video, excellent music. I've never seen the full video before. This looks like it may be one of the UFO's that Area 51 worker Robert(Bob) Lazar had studied. He say that UFO's looks very wobbly when flying at slow speeds, and that would appear to be glowing because of the amount of energy it uses. The shape was the same too. this would of been an amazing sight to see this UFO in person, I'm glad this person had a camera. Great Shot! Nice video DOC. :-)

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