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True History of Isreal


  • Unown#

    Unown September 17, 2009 8:01:58 PM CEST

    i knew it... i knew those fuckers wrote the bible.

  • Bunchbrady79#

    Bunchbrady79 September 17, 2009 6:55:23 PM CEST

    your 100% correct also reffer to the Nutrition of our foods being reduced slowly which will kill millions

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 17, 2009 7:31:46 AM CEST

    "Empire of the City"..! One of the best damned info videos on the net.!! I am shure this pissed of alot of so-called important people..!!

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 17, 2009 7:29:12 AM CEST

    Yep, the jig is up for the racist international Jew.. Thanks to the Internet.. This is why YOU WILL SEE a complete SHUTDOWN of OUR Internet in OUR NEAR future.. You will see these so-called victims of WWII Kill jail, and murder every one you love..!! If you are a Gentile person[ or Goyim, a racist term our so-called Jewish friends call us behind our backs meaning DOG, or CATTLE] of any race, and you still have half your brain left...!!! I encorage you, I plead with you to reaserch this matter for yourself before it's to late for you, and yours...!? Everything [I] you thought you new about world history for the last 120 years is a lie..!! Find out how deep the rabbit hole realy goes by visiting this site: http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060, and may you find the love, truth and freedom you so desperately desire..!!!

  • Kraftdinner#

    Kraftdinner September 17, 2009 7:16:46 AM CEST

    its a clip from The Ring of Power or something

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