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Truman gave the Reptilians "Keys to the USA"

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There are five sets of copies in five different boxes in five different locations that hold complete proof of every thing i have tried to explain.

Here is a list of contents of each box:
A: 27 sheets of 8x10 photographs of Aliens, creatures, cages and vats.
B: one silent candid video tape, begins on the computer banks, shows the vats, multi shots of Nightmare Hall, two shots of Greys, one shot of the Terminal showing sign saying "To Los Alamos" and about thirty seconds of the shuttle train arriving.
C: 25 pages of diagrams, chemical formulas and schematics of Alien equipment.
D: a copy of the new treaty complete with signatures.
E: 2 pages of original Alien documents signed by Ronald Reagan (as governor of California), each page includes Reagan's signature.

The orginal set mentioned above is sealed in one piece oxygen free heavy plastic box. That set includes:
A: 27 sheets of 8x10 with original negatives.
B: the video copied.
C: the 25 original pages of diagrams (with natations), formulas, Alien equipment schematics plus the schematics for the Flash gun and my Flash gun.
D: the treaty with R. Reagan's signature plus seven other political signatures and four Alien signatures.

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