Why the village youths from the Punjab long for mi

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Why the village youths from the Punjab long for migrating to U.K.,U.S.A and other countries?-11 Kalyug belongs to the most greedy people and in India, the people of Khatri tribe are the world renown greedy people, who have no conscience and in cheating, they damn care. In the morning they do their Pooja, worship of gods and goddesses and then cheat people by showing them that they are very religious. Not all the Khatris are cheat as not all the Jatts are honest but in general it is very true. Khatris have been state officials even under the Moghuls, British and Jatt, Ranjit Singh Sandhu, rules and they love to please their paymasters at all costs. Their love of Mammon is so great that each one of them wants to be a millionaire even today whereas the love of Mammon among the village people is the least. In fact, the people of the West are the least greedy of all and those of the Punjab, the greatest. Spiritual Doctors, Satgurus, come into the world among the people who are spiritually sick and deliver His Word that cleanses the hearts of people of greed luring them to be contented and merciful. In the Middle East, the sons of Satan of Judah tribe were the Princes of Darkness, a baby son of Satan and Judas Iscariot was a typical example. He used to keep the purse and stole money to please himself buying expensive perfumes, food, etc. At the Last Supper before Christ Jesus started His Baptism called the Eucharist of Sacrifice, Jesus accused Him of dishonesty and revealed his love of Mammon in which you hate God. Dishonesty makes you a son of Satan or saltless bastard, Namak Haraami whereas those who loved God are the salt of the earth or sons of Man having conscience and religious qualities, the Light. Judas Iscariot killed himself when the Temple Priests killed Jesus. Whereas in India, Prithvi Chand gave a good example of greed in which Satguru Arjun Dev Ji used to buy food for congregation and this Khatri Prithvi Chand used to run away with the collection. These Khatris, especially of the Kashmir did a lot of atrocities and created a full fledged KalYug for Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji to lay His Sacrifice to the Khatri Mullahs of Kashmir. Today, these Khatris of Kashmir are being ground between the two countries, India and Pakistan. In the same way, the Khatris of the United Punjab would be robbed by the village people who were their victims. Time of no law and order has come and the Third Atomic War is looming. India presents a good example of the greediest of all people, the Khatris of the United Punjab and the honest people of South India where St.Thomas preached Christianity. People of South India have conscience and shame of their parents that make them clean-hearted people. Where there is Sharm, shame, there is Dharm, religious people. In the next videos I will explain why Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji left the Punjab for a far away part of India and gave His Sacrifice to the Mullah Khatris of Kashmir sitting in the court of most hypocrite Aurangzeb.

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