What is written is corruptible?The people of Judah

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What is written is corruptible?The people of Judah tribe corrupted the Old and the New Testaments?-2 People of the Middle East and East had the spiritual knowledge in the past Ages whereas those of the West were clean-hearted requiring no spiritual knowledge. Thus, Christ Jesus came in the Middle East among the highly spiritually sick hypocrites of Judah tribe and the Second coming of Christ Jesus was in the name of Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji in the Punjab among the highly greedy or spiritually sick people of Khatri tribe of the Punjab. In the Middle East, the New Testament was altered a little that honest people like the Eusibius and others have pointed out. Whilst in the East, we have Kings and Emperors of Darkness or hypocrites who did gross alterations and mutilations of Ad-Granth. Against all these efforts by the sons of Satan, the True Gospel has emerged. In the Middle East, these are the Gnostic Gospels that have revealed the True Message whilst in the East, the satanic Khatris started to propagate their own versions of His Word to confuse people that Satguru Arjun Dev Ji had to compile the whole Bani, His Word, in a Book called Ad-Granth. Fortunately or as it was ordained, the Sikhs who took the written works for binding, copied the lot to produce a duplicate Book. But when the Sikhs presented the two Books, Original and the copied, then Satguru Arjun Dev Ji called the Original dictated by and checked by Him as Sweet Book and the copied by others as Khari or sour Book. But the Khatris corrupted the original to their heart's content that over 250 pages were white washed or erased and too many over writing by the different ink in the Book to be mentioned. This corrupted original Ad-Granth was examined by Prof. Jodh Singh and Ernest Trumpp, a German Professor and they wrote down all the corruptions line by line in a Book called KARTARPURI BIRR DE DARSHAN, published by the Panjabi University Press, Patiala. Now, the present Birrs or the Ad-Granths in Sikh Temples are highly corrupt and you need the spirit, SURTI, to understand the Pure Bani. In fact, the Khatris were too clever and satanic that even the biographies of Satgurus and Sachae Paatshahs are not reliable. In the Middle East, Gnostic Gospels have revealed the Gospel Truth whilst in the East, we have the copied version of the Original but the Khatris have brain-washed the people so much that none of them is interested in the copied Birr called Bhai Bunno Ji's Birr. However, the twice born people of spirit, can seek the True Gospel through logical reasoning but such people are rare; one in thousand in the Middle East and one in a Million in India. Let us reveal the Gospel Truth through revelations.

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