Gaza Beach Tragedy Exploiting Grief

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Pallywood Strikes Again
To prove to the Paris court that their Pallywood footage on Muhammad Al Durah wasn't staged, France 2 submitted edited Pallywood staged footage as evidence.

Gaza Beach Tragedy
On 6/9/06, explosion on a Gaza beach killed a family. Palestinians and MSM blamed Israel, showing Huda Ghalia grieving wildly. What happened? A grotesque exploitation of grief.
Icon of Hatred
This new documentary examines Just how lethal a dead boy can be.

The Birth of an Icon
This documentary, a continuation of the earlier Pallywood, examines the circumstances surrounding the shooting of the explosive footage about Muhamed al Durah and his father Jamal at Netzarim Junction, September 30, 2000.
Examine the rushes make up your own mind. Watch the cameraman double up as location set dresser and speculate why he forgot to turn off the camera while rearranging the evidence...

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