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Sticks, and Stones can't break His Bones!!!!


My friend Scott just helping another name calling Jew put his foot in his mouth..!!!! The forbidden Truth CAN NOT BE SILENCED... Beat him with truth, but don't torture "HIM" with lies, and name calling...!! They will revert to dirty tactics every time..!! Because that is what you do when you don't have truth, or facts on your side...!! WEAK!!! To see Scott destroy many more liers with the forbidden truth, and Facts..!! Please sign up at:http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060 and be not afriad of the truth..!!

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  • Flecktarn#

    Flecktarn September 22, 2009 12:25:54 AM CEST

    good work

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 21, 2009 1:06:02 PM CEST

    Thank you for your kind words...! I know that in Germany you can be jailed for suspected anti-Semitism.!!?? My best friend teaches German history, and language at the University of Colorado at Denver, or UCD for short.. My heart goes out to the German peoples of the world... I am half German myself, and half American Indian with a pinch of French... We have been taught from birth by the racist supremacist JEWS to be ashamed of our Great heritage, and culture as well as to hate ourselves just for being who we are... It is a lie, and the worst kind... Tell me, can you get in legal trouble if you are caught joining websites that are FALSELY LABELED as anti-emetic there in Germany.. Because there is a site that has a wealth of intelligent educated, and well spoken Individuals called the forbiddentruth.net that I think you would love... It is filled with endless facts, and truths about who is really destroying this world [ racist JEWS of course], and it is a GREAT start in the right direction for all freedom loving peoples in this world.. Please tell me if you can join, and I will send you an invitation, or just click on the link that I post at the bottom of ALL of my videos.!! Your Friend DeadSpace76........ !!

  • Germanimmigrant#

    Germanimmigrant September 21, 2009 12:18:08 PM CEST

    Youve done a good job articulating your points about this issue...too bad that any contradictory response isnt done with as much elegance. Its an uphill battle and some people cant see beyond the base of the mountain

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