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Please I beg you! Watch! Just watch, then Research

This is a must see for those of you who have been wondering more, and more that what you have been taught your whole life...........?? Just might be a Lie.......???? Please it is a bit long, but trust me..!! You will want to watch it thru until the very end..!!! Black, and White self-hatred both come from the same source, and it is so sad because we need each other now more than ever..!!! We need to START LOVING OURSELVES, and we should be PROUD our culture, and OUR PAST..!! We have been lied to, over, and over, and over, and over..!! By our teachers, and Preachers..!! Our TV'S.!! OUR Professors.! OUR leaders, and our News papers.. !! We all know that if you hear something enough times, and many people already seem to believe it, whether it be the truth, or NOT.......! We can start to believe the same CRAP ourselves, and the people who are telling us these lies KNOW THIS..!!!!! In fact "THEY" are counting on it.!!! So please.... Question everything..!! Especially what you will see in this video..!!! Research it all extensively.!!. A good place to start is: http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060 you can find all the resources you will need at this site.. Links to Jewish and non-Jewish historians, and books covering all aspects of this subject...

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