Ideal Church of God should be free of liars or sal

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Ideal Church of God should be free of liars or saltless people. No Dog-collared Priests needed,-4 I have produced a cartoon and if you can help produce a better one, then I would much appreciate please. Next month, I am going to lecture on this at Oxford. Our Brother Jagdeep Mudan helped with one of Sun and Moon. Saltless Parasites on Churches, the Dog-collared Wolves in sheeps clothing.

Remember our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus pointed out how those Temple Priests were living lavishly in silken clothing on the devotion of poor people high lighted by Jesus in the Widows mite? Today, these hireling Dog-Collared or robed Priests are worse than those for they have no knowledge of Gospel but they groom the simple minded stone-headed people feeding them most sugar-coated sermons to attract more people into their nets, the false Churches. More popularity of the Church, more money for the Priests, who happily enjoy feeding upon the Widows mite. This is very much true in the poor countries such as Romania that I visited, Russia, etc where people are hard up like that widow. Common man and thieves have conscience but not these crook Priests. I remember hearing on the News that a certain thief broke into the flat of a poor person in Russia and when he discovered that he was much poorer than himself, he felt so much ashamed that instead of stealing any thing, he left some money for the poor person to buy some food. So, this thief is much nicer a person than these robed dog-collared wolves, who live upon the charity of people. If you work for God, then you should do so with devotion and not to keep people bogged down or busy in prayers and feeding them no Gospel. This is fleecing and they know it very well in their hearts. Remember the first Church of God that was headed by Jesus, the Bishop St.Stephen and the congregation used to work for others interacting and earning their livings in the manner of St.Paul, Who worked as a Tent Maker. None of them was a parasite on the Church and they were highly devoted, a Field free of weeds that produced 100 per cent Fruit until the greedy Bishops started to malpractices and the Apostles used to rebuke them. These crook Messianic Jews then asked the Apostles to Preach what they like and not to rebuke them any more. But the Apostles retorted stressing that their praises lie with God Who has Ordained Them into His Service and not with people. So, they left Churches to open their own Monasteries. You need a clean and truthful heart to receive the Seed of His Word from the Roving Preachers or the Royal Priests who would not accept Mammon in any form and They glorify our Father in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. So, please desist from supporting such corrupt Churches and their henchmen, the soft spoken robed antichrists luring people into the Churches of Mammon. Remember that your physical body is the Temple of God and unless within your heart is christ, the innerman, you cannot preach Gospel but the dead letters as the Christians do. Ask these Dog-collared Priests where do they stand between people and God? As our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus has delivered to us His Word as the Mediator, just create Fellowships of Brethren to ponder over it. Remember that these Messianic Jews have corrupted the New Testament as well, so ignore such corruptions that the Twelve Labourers, not disciples, are related to the Twelve tribes of Israel. Gospel of God has nothing to do with tribes in Adam but the world of spirit. Twice born people are very few indeed and then those who love God and not Mammon are far fewer. St.Thomas said, One in a thousand and two among ten thousands whilst the Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji said, One in a million in the East. No wonder the Light strikes in the East and flashes towards the West, so was the coming of the Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji. UNLESS YOU ARE PRE-ORDAINED OF OUR FATHER, YOU CANNOT HAVE CHRIST IN YOUR HEART. The christ is by the grace of our Father whilst the Christian of the Book through the tradition of antichrist.

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