For the Brain Dead of the World-Get the Picture YE

  • Uploaded by Andymerv on Sep 25, 2009
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A wonderful video compiled by my friend TheVineRhyme ( e) which explains the current Eugenics operation being run in the US, UK, and around the world, and how it is being accomplished by many seemingly unrelated entities. Yes the New World Order is real. Yes eugenics is real. Yes the Illuminati are very very real. I beg of everyone watching this to educate yourself and spread this around to everyone you know. This is going to effect all of us very soon. We must not fall for their trap: We have to see past the paradigm. We have to learn to think for ourselves and not trust everything the media says. We must educate our fellow man of our true potential. We must experience true freedom; freedom of thought and self-hood.

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