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I just found this on you tube and have uploaded it for your viewing. Even though it is a couple of months old, I think it is still relevant! All original links etc pasted below.

UPDATE9: Whatever happens, as long as we radiate true freedom that resonates. We have more effect than "wanting to change the other" ... more & more people sense faster that we are being used as (fearful) puppets for the NWO Mafia Eugenics Agenda ! We are always MORE than the limited thoughts we/others have about ourselves. Nobody knows what all know together THAT is why we need to consider all options. Those who want to silence or to downplay messengers, they are not part of the Spiritual rEvolution.

Flu Timeline constructed by Dr. Alma True Ott who specializes in nutrition & has studied the bird flu & influenza for some time now.

April 6, 1917:
* US declares war on Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, & the Ottoman Empire.
* America swings into full production of War material.
* American men are drafted into military service & deployed for training in Spain
* ALL NEW RECRUITS ARE GIVEN MANDATORY VACCINATIONS — One of which is a broad-spectrum live virus influenza vaccination
* Rockefeller makes millions in vaccine sales while consolidating Standard Oil contracts worldwide
* The first British soldiers committed to World War I are deployed to Iraq to protect American oil interests there
* Following mass vaccine injections, U.S. soldiers are crowded into troop ships & sent to train in Spain. Seasick, stressed soldiers aged 18-34 exhibit influenza symptoms on the voyage
* Immediately after arriving in Spain, U.S. soldiers are trained, exposed to, the various forms of gas they will experience in the trenches in France
* Exposure to these highly toxic gasses causes the live-virus influenza organisms to mutate into an extremely lethal, & highly communicable, form of virus
* Millions of young, healthy men & women aged 18-34 die worldwide as a result of vaccinations combined with novel & highly toxic chemicals

November 11, 1918
* Armistice with Germany & its Allies
* Following the end of The Great War The heads of the various multi-national banks met in conference at San Remo in 1924 to assess war reparations for Germany.
* John D. Rockefeller+Rothschilds have vastly increased their wealth through actively funding both sides of the war!

CNN: "Military Planning for possible H1N1 Outbreak"

Protection From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging - Your Right to Self-Shield! Natural Solutions Foundation What You Can Do to Prevent Forced Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations. Demand Your Right to Self-Shield!

12.000 Kids Used as Guinea Pigs for Deadly Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu Created in Lab as Bio Weapon?'

Homeless People DIED after bird flu VACCINE TRAIL in Poland: Three Polish doctors & six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.


Dr. Tom Jefferson, Coordinator, The Cochrane Vaccines Field (CVF), The Cochrane Collaboration, Rome, speaking on ITN News, 22 July 2009, & Dr. Richard Halvorsen, GP, Medical Director of BabyJabs & author of The Truth About Vaccines, speaking on BBC News Channel, 22 July 2009, where the presenters attempt to discredit him.,1518,637119,00.html





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