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Strange UFO craft hovers over Vilnius,Lithuania

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Sep 26, 2009
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  • Charlesw#

    Charlesw September 30, 2009 12:32:45 AM CEST

    Craziest craft I have ever seen on this site. Looks to be organic to be sure. I wouldn't want it hovering over my house.

  • Bcgolddigger#

    Bcgolddigger September 27, 2009 5:24:45 PM CEST

    thanks, that's what I was thinking

  • Dogma#

    Dogma September 27, 2009 8:54:34 AM CEST

    As crazy as it sounds, it looks to me like a flying creature of some sort.Here's the deal: if one is willing to accept the premise that the universe is teaming with life, which I do. And that many of these life forms are visiting us, (at this point, a no brainer. Then you have to assume that there are beings visiting us which are beyond our current comprehension.That possibly looks like the case, here.To a "skeptic" that would sound like circular logic. However, how else do you describe what is in this, and many other, videos?

  • Bcgolddigger#

    Bcgolddigger September 27, 2009 6:11:33 AM CEST

    Very interesting, come on now, give us your comments.What do you think?

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