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“I know their secret & it’s YOU!”

  • Waterhawk
  • uploaded: Sep 28, 2009
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  • Waterhawk#

    Waterhawk September 30, 2009 5:24:15 PM CEST

    Yesterday I went to visit my You Tube account (that I%u2019ve had for years) & this is what I saw...%u201CYour account has been permanently disabled%u201C.I've NEVER had any challenges with You Tube until now. If you've seen some of my most recent video's concerning H1N1 or swine flu & vaccines you also see how passionate I am about those subjects.You Tube has not contacted me concerning this & I suspect they never will. As a very aware being, such as my psychic abilities, I felt or sensed that You Tube would remove my account. About an hour later, they or "someone" did remove it. It is possible that I've definitely hit a nerve concerning my newest video's, which involve major US government corruption, vaccines and the so called swine flu. I have always sensed & known that nonphysical low frequency beings are involved with some amount of government & such. Some of my most recent videos are also about how you and almost anyone can help remove these low frequency beings from our world.I am now wondering if my video's will soon be removed from this website as well. I welcome all to down load or copy all my video's, so long as none of them are altered in any way. I can email you my videos as well. I really do believe that I am doing something that many people do not know about, but they all should and do so right now. I believe this involves the survival of our known society ( not the secret one!)

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