Rabbi Molesters you NEVER hear about..!? Part Two!

Ever wonder "WHY" it is only Christian, and Muslim child molesters splayed out on the news for all to see!! Tell me when is the last time You HAVE EVER, "if rarely"!! Seen a "news story" about the EIGHT THOUSAND cases of Rabbi, and Cantor child molestation reported every year in this country [US]...????? Well if you OWN the broadcast station.?? Then you also OWN what is displayed for "consumption" to the viewing public..!! Well don't you..?? It is not hard to figure out, but you CAN NOT call into question ANY of "THEIR ACTIONS", or RIGHTFULLY CONDEMN ANYTHING evil these "PEOPLE" DO!!! With out being RUTHLESSLY SLANDERED, and FALSELY LABLED an anti-Semite by "THEIR TOTALLY BIASED MEDIA"!! Well if you know in your heart you are not a racist [as many Zionist Jews ARE!!] Then who gives a shit what names they call you!! If you have had enough of this double standard, and want REAL change.!!?? Then sign up at:http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060 and FIGHT BACK..!!!

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