The Bloodsuckers - Health Insurance Ceos & IRS

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The Bloodsuckers - Health Insurance Ceos and the IRS - and how they would be living off us the people in this country if certain Senators have their way. No change, No improvement ...just fines upon you if you fail to take out Extremely Expenisve and Unfair Health Insurance fron the Bloodsuckers. They have bought the congress and they expect action and most of all NO CHANGE. That is the Rich Taking more from The Poor...US! Other countries in this world have figured this out and everyone is covered... but not here in Bloodsuckerland. They have bought congress with millions of dollars in campaign contributions and lobbyists. We have the best Congress that money can buy, and we can see why when they completely write out the Public Option and Single Payer. Do you have enough Blood for them to drink? They are very thirsty and just waiting to pounce and sink their teeth into your neck.

Writer - Barbara Ellis
with the PDX Progressive Players.

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