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UFO Drops In Ocean

  • Top10ufo
  • uploaded: Sep 30, 2009
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For more Alien pictures and UFO videos: http://www.top10ufo.com TRANSLATION! The guy said: ¿Que es eso , qué es eso?(What is that!) ; They are talking in galician, a language similar to portuguese. Pero que coño, que caralho pasa aquí?Pero que caralho está pasando aquí?; Translation: What the hell is going on? What the fuck?! Holy shit, stop recording!! Chopper: "leave the area, leave the area immediately and head for port, receive instructions there. Leave the area and head for port"

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  • Waterhawk#

    Waterhawk October 2, 2009 8:42:58 AM CEST

    Ideocracey? the movie?

  • Skunkbudz0000#

    Skunkbudz0000 October 2, 2009 6:53:22 AM CEST

    i'll bass my foot off in your ass, face, ass. wouldnt shut up

  • Roger#

    Roger October 2, 2009 5:24:49 AM CEST

    the audio from the fighter jets is fake, listen to the difference in bass from the voice, the engine from the boat and the helicopter and compare that with the audio from the jets

  • Annie#

    Annie October 1, 2009 9:14:20 AM CEST

    This looks real to me!

  • Kalenga#

    Kalenga September 30, 2009 10:32:32 PM CEST

    I saw something similiar in 1998 of the coast of Scotland at Kilberry in the Atlantic ocean.Awesome footage I believe it wholeheartedly as I have seen it. We were camping and had a great pitch right on the coast a few foot from the sea. On many occasions we saw silver objects splash into the sea about a few miles out to sea. We asked the campsite owners who said it was common to see this and did not bat an eyelid when they heard our recollection. I do believe that UFO's can live under the sea as well in space. It makes sense to have bases under the water away from the satellite surveillance etc....

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