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  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove December 13, 2011 2:56:31 PM CET

    Grateful for your words !About "keeping the good work"... I've quited.Now I only come here now and then.Thanks for your Comment !DocPS: Happy Xmas !

  • Rachelwordsmith#

    Rachelwordsmith October 4, 2011 10:31:12 PM CEST

    Good video. Too many videos on this topic , like from the history channel, give little information and they don't tie things together well. This one is packed and diverse. Keep up the good work.

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 8, 2011 10:43:56 PM CEST

    Thank you for the support, Lonnie.Sorry for the delay but I'm not visiting my videos channels as I used to.Peace for all...Doc

  • Lonnie#

    Lonnie August 9, 2011 5:26:37 PM CEST

    What a fantastic series Doc..each one was intriguing and really made one think. Love many of your other videos as well...keep up the great work :)

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove November 29, 2010 3:11:42 PM CET

    Thank you my friend.BTW... do you think the RED OBJECT OVER RIO, a video I MADE, is a psychedelic "light from a bulb with a filament inside it" ???Please let me know... LOL***Hugs...Doc

  • Coralbay00#

    Coralbay00 November 29, 2010 1:13:17 AM CET

    brilliant stuff doc. undeniable proof disclose.tv needs. take care buddy.

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove November 14, 2010 3:57:10 AM CET

    Thank you for the comment.That's exactly what I try to do: to make people think (including me) !!!Doc

  • Calypso#

    Calypso November 13, 2010 7:17:04 PM CET

    I really enjoyed that. Thanks. Really does make you think.

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove November 11, 2010 3:01:08 PM CET

    Thanks, man !I'll try to keep 'm comin' .Doc

  • Hughesey09#

    Hughesey09 November 9, 2010 7:33:10 PM CET

    great vid mate one of the best on here. keep em coming. 1

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