New MPA Episode 1

  • Uploaded by Waterhawk on Oct 3, 2009
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This episode involves missing person cases Lacey Anderson, Lindsey J. Baum, Shyann Wakeman, Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas, Elvia Morales & Juan Martinez, baby Yair Anthony Carrillo and the Gee family, who was brutally murdered in their home, in Beason, Illinois, on 9.21.2009.

Being the director, producer, film & sound engineer & editor, script writer, internet & p/c coordinator and the psychic (doing the meditations).... isn't always easy to do. MPA - Missing Persons Awareness is a new internet audience participation show. Because I don't always have the much needed time to research all the information from my meditations. Please help us solve these cases.

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