Moolmanttar or the Basic Formula to know God and t

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Moolmanttar or the Basic Formula to know God and to become His Workers or Preachers - 8. Now, the Exposition of the First Stanza that is based upon the Four spiritual states called BIRTTIES in Punjabi. These are Haumae Birtti of the once-born that is...

Moolmanttar or the Basic Formula to know God and to become His Workers or Preachers - 8. Now, the Exposition of the First Stanza that is based upon the Four spiritual states called BIRTTIES in Punjabi. These are Haumae Birtti of the once-born that is related to ego, Munn of the twice-born doubting people that stands for mind or Nafs and is called Munn Birtti, Budhi or wisdom of the twice-born people those are sealed to serve God only and lastly, the CHITT or His Will Birtti of the Thrice-Born Spiritual People, in which the Person possesses Holy Spirit, the Very Spirit of God and He becomes the Spokesman or DANDORCHI, of God. Please read Matt. 13.3-23, the Parable of Sower.
By pondering on God, man cannot have a conception of Him, even though he may ponder over lacs of times. Exposition by me - Some letters are not allowed in the description and it seems I have to take the Punjabi words away. The exposition of this Saying has been rendered by many Gianis or the men of letters but hardly any one could do it right or could relate this Saying to the first spiritual state id that dominates in the once-born natural men, who are led or governed by the first spiritual state or BIRTTI HAUMAE or ego in which tit-for-tat dominates. Such once-born people are like Peter, who could not understand His Word. His Word is understood by the men of spirit, who have holy spirit or common sense which the once-born people lack. As in a fight, the once-born people fight to death whilst the twice-born person of spirit by presenting his other cheek not only averts physical damage to the living Temple of God that not only saves life but also the victims directs his attack on the conscience of the person to awaken his mind reminding the person that in God, we are loving Brethren and not the hating enemies in Satan or Brahma. Thus, ego is the enemy of spirit and it must be subdued before you can ponder over or have SURTI or spirit to understand His Word at all. Satguru Angad Dev Ji made the Sikhs to subdue or kill their ego or Haumae and submit themselves to the Will of God. Even though one be silent and remains absorbed in Lord's constant love he obtains not mind's silence. Exposition by me - In the second spiritual state of mind, Nafs or Munn, the person is twice-born of spirit and he possesses common sense, holy spirit or Surti, which the once-born people lack. Such people are clever and no more simpletons or stones like the once-born people. Such twice-born clever people are highly tempted to Mammon, greed or self-centred praises and they may either exploit the once-born people to turn stones into bread as these Babae from India do, Popes, etc and fleece the Congregations in Mammon. Or they may themselves become solitary and be sealed to serve God only and preach Gospel to make others solitary capable of giving their own accounts to God. Such people do not make a following of the blind but they enjoy the Fellowship in Christ Jesus or SATTSANG. Those who go for a following or fleecing simpletons, they become psychic talkatives as the chirping birds keep on chirping without any sense. Politicians are typical example of such clever psychic people of the MUNN BIRTTI, who want your vote at all costs. Babaes from India also fall into this category and they exploit the devotee once-born people, BAESURT, to the maximum for their self-praises. Such people feed people on sugar-coated Tablets of falsehoods or KOORR. They are Munnmukh. People working for God never accept money for doing work for God. The hunger of the hungry departs not, even though they may pile up loads of the world's valuables. Exposition by me:- This Saying applies to the twice-born people who are sealed to serve God only and they are tireless seekers of His Word, the living Bread of Life. Thus, the apetite or hunger of the twice-born Gurmukh Sikhs is never satisfied. This Saying applies to the people of Budhhi Birtti, who are sober, solitary and their sermons make sense. shs isAwxpw lK hoih q iek n clY nwil sehas si-aanpaa lakh hoh taa ik naa chalai naal. ienswn dy kol hzwrW qy l`KW Akl-mMdIAW hox, pr iek BI sweIN dy drbwr AMdr aus nU lwB nhIN pucwauNdI aus dy nwl nhIN jWdI Man may possess thousands and lacs of wits, but not even one goes with him avails him in the Lord's court. Exposition by me - But when you become Thrice-Born or become the very Son of God of the Fourth CHITT BIRTTI possessing the very Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit then your worldly wisdom that the wisemen or the Gurmukhs possess does not count as you being One with Father have become His Spokesman or Dandorchi. Such people are the Apostles, Saints, Bhagats, Aarifs, etc.

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