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How the spiritually blind people run the Forums on Sikhism such as Sikh Philosophy Net? Here is what one of their moderator, Narayanjot Kaur, replies to my post:-

Here is what you find common among the fanatics:-

AMDy kw nwau pwrKU klI kwl ivfwxY ]3] (229-4, gauVI, mhlw 1)
The blind man is known as an appraiser; this Dark Age of Kali Yuga is so strange! ||3||
The spiritually blind people have become the Moderators and tell me that Gospel is Christian and not of the Sikhs. Of the Sikhs is Bani and that is NOT Gospel.
Source:: Sikh Philosophy Network (The Spiritually Blind Are the Judges)

This is the trend of Kalyug and no wonder such blind-folded people cannot interpret the Parables of the Bible but they criticise those who can.

In this Dark Age, if you follow any person such as the Babaes and their wills, and not go by the Will of our Father of your own as the solitary people do, then you are a blind follower like those Hindus who follow their Brahmins. Such people are called KAMJAATT and those Babaes who make the following as KANJJAR.

Such spiritually blind people hardly know that Nanak is a Satguru = Christ and not a Brahmin Guru of the Hindus. Only people with satguru within their hearts who renew him every day, know the Gospel of Satgurus.

Here is her reply:-

nijjharjatt ji

You are repeating the same things you have said in other threads. My answer remains as before. Bani does not equal Gospel. You both misquote Gur Teg Bahadur, and you also misinterpret it. Today the word is "Muslim" not Musssalman, and I come across one every day, more than one, in fact. Etc.

Here is the Forum address. Please join it to see the fun.

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