Genocide in Gaza! Coming to America! Already here!

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Oct 11, 2009
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So you think RACIST Talmudic Jews who have no problem Butchering Millions in the communist revolution of Russia, and the Millions they have killed in the middle east through their wars by proxy via their control over OUR military policies here in the US& the UK.. You think they respect OUR sacrifices OUR young men and women have made on their Behalf... Think again...??!! Thanks to the Internet many Americans have been made aware of the treachery Many Racist Jews, and Duel Israeli "citizens" have committed against OUR Nations.. This has been going on for sometime now, and it scares The hell out of these TRAITORS.. So the parasites have made their plans to turn the tables in "their favor" once again.. But that can not just bomb or shot the now Awakened masses.. No this would not stand.. So what do they do..?? Well Racist Talmudic Jews are the richest people on planet earth.. So what well the do to stem the new rising tide of anti-Semitism [truth].. Well.... What they have always done... Mass Genocide...!!! Watch the video to find out HOW they plan to "get away" with this.!! Then sign up at and help put and end to these Racist MONSTERS once an for ALL....!!!!!!!

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