Peter was removed from Gate when the Messianic Jew

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Peter was removed from Gate when the Messianic Jews became corrupt and out went Apostles.-10 THE HOUSE THAT JESUS BUILT ON PETER, THE SOLID ROCK OF TRUTH.
Jesus proclaimed that I will build my House, the Church of God, over Solid Rock Foundation that the water and the winds would not blow it down against a House that is built upon sand that is washed away with water. Although this Saying is known to many yet hardly a handful people know its interpretation. Here is the interpretation:-

1.What is Rock and Sand in spiritual language? Simon Barjona was the only Once-born Labourer hired or picked by Christ Jesus for the Vineyard of God and for Simon being unable to understand Gospel Truth, he was nick-named by Jesus as a stone or Peter. As a stone dipped in water cannot absorb or soak any water, so was Peter unable to understand Gospel delivered by Christ Jesus. Only once was the Taste of Gospel given to him when Christ Jesus asked him, Peter what you yourself think of me? Then, Peter replied, You are the living Christ of Living Father. At this point Jesus stressed to Peter that Gospel Truth you know by the grace of our Father only. No man can give you this Gospel Truth as the Scriptures lessons, moral laws, are taught to the once-born children. Thus, Gospel is not some thing that you can on a platter or learn like the Scriptures in the Universities but only by the grace of our Father you receive it through revelations. This you do if you are capable of logical reasoning or have common sense. When common sense is used for the benefits of humanity, and then it is called holy spirit and vice versa. People of the Book, the men of Letters would not agree with me as they have been told that holy spirit is the third person of trinity. Such people do not have the knowledge that holy spirit is common sense in Adam whilst the Holy Spirit is the Extra Ordinary Sense of God. As we receive flesh or physical body from Adam, so are the once-born natural people led by instincts based upon tit-for-tat. The Temple Priests or the Rabbis are the moral teachers of such once-born people who give them education in the moral laws of Moses based upon upholding the extrinsic values. This is called feeding the babies on Milk, the Scriptures. Whilst God being Spirit, He is known by those who have holy spirit or common sense. It may sound odd that common sense is not so common among the people. For example, Church of England is headed by the Queen, the head of Mammon and she is the defender of Faith. Whose faith she would defend of God or Mammon? That is why the soldiers who died expanding the Empire are said to have glorified God. Do you believe such non-sense? But people who have no common sense do believe what their hireling dog-collared priests tell them and them keep them bogged down in prayers. No time is allowed to ask questions and the people being spiritually dead, do not dare to ask questions. Those people who ask questions are capable of logical reasoning and such people could become the seekers of Gospel Truth by the grace of our Father if they long for holy spirit and do not go for the evil spirit of Satan as Judas Iscariot did. This type of twice-born person St.Thomas stressed is one in thousand and two in ten thousands whilst in India, they are one in a million. That is why our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus said at the end of His ministry that Father the one you gave me, I have kept them together whilst training them the art of pruning and producing New Wine in Your Vineyard. These trained Labourers, the Workers, were paid their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Peter kept the Ten Commandments and he always spoke the truth. That makes a person a Rock over which the House of God can stand firm. People who are liars build their Houses on sand as the two liars, Annias and his wife Saphira did and they were killed Acts Chapter 5. Such people are saltless people to be thrown out of the Churches but the hirelings of Mammon love them. If people are truthful that leads to Justice, then they would live like Brethren who are capable of reasoning logically to receive Gospel Truths.
2.So, truth would generate Agape and kingdom of heaven for a good law and order. Rest in the Youtube Videos.

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