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Banned Truth and the reality of untold History!!


Open your mind... Learn both sides of the story..!!? Current main-stream history is a PACK of LIES agreed upon by those who win war's, and continue to profit from them..!!!! Just as you know you have been lied to about the current wars in Iraq, and the middle east.. Why is it so hard for you to realize that you have been lied to about WWI, WWII and all war's...??!! Because make no mistake you have been lied to!!! The lives of your children, and regaining your freedom's depend on your ability to realize this lie, and to seek the truth of the matter at all cost to self.!! Make no mistake!! You will suffer for the real truth..!! If you don't suffer......?? Then it is probably not the TRUTH..!! Sign up at http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060 and start your search.!!!

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  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 October 14, 2009 2:41:13 PM CEST

    That's right!! You OWE what remains of your FREEDOM to Nazi Germany... Ever wonder WHY America is so cozy, and freindly with COMMUNIST CHINA... It is a testament to "WHO" [jew] is realy in control in this once great IDEA of a country of ours!!!! Hitler did not want war with America, and had he not SEVERLY crippled the MARCHING RED ARMY..??? They natural would have attacked, and taking the whole of Eroupe!!! Then geuss who next!!!

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