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Diwali or the Festival of Lights to welcome home S

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Oct 18, 2009
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Diwali or the Festival of Lights to welcome home Shri Ram Chander Ji from 12 years of exile-3 HAPPY DIWALI
Why people did put up "lights", DEEVAS to welcome back Shri Ram Chander Ji from 12 years of exile but no such lights are displayed on Shivratri?
Shri Ram Chander Ji was a Muryada Parshotam Avtar or the Moses of India for the people of Traeta Yug, who were called DEVTAS for following the moral laws by the "letters". Moral laws obeyed without exceptions are devoid of "mercy" and they are lifeless and useless called PAKHAND or hypocrisy. So, Shri Ram Chander Ji reminded people of the chief quality of Ram, Par Brahm, Allah that is "Mercy". Christ Jesus stressed this in His Saying, Letter killeth spirit (common sense/SURTI) giveth life.

Shri Ram Chander Ji's name was due to the fact that He represented the reflected Light of Ram, the Sun, as Moon (Chand) does so a witness to the Light but not the light was John, the Baptist too. So, Shri Ram Chander Ji was the source of Moonlight, which is imbued with the qualities of Ram, the Sun. Put it this way. People we see with our two naked eyes have within them the Light of Ram, which we cannot "see" but we "perceive" through their "merciful" deeds. So, what we see with our two naked eyes is "true" or SACH but what we cannot "see" but we "perceive" with our "third eye" of logical reasoning is "Absolute TRUTH" called SATT or Gospel. That is why when a person dies, we chant, "RAM RAM SATT HAE", i.e. what was of Ram, the true self of the person, has been taken away by He Himself. As body is the reflection of Ram, so the moral teachings of Shri Ram Chander Ji are based upon the Light of Ram and they apply to our physical body or TANN.

At that time, TRAETA YUG, the Brahmins were honest and efficient and, therefore, they controlled the public for law and order and of course "peace" called heaven. HARI OM SHANTI prevailed. King Ravan of Lanka had a perfect law and order and so Lanka used to be known a "heaven" to live in which now being called Sri Lanka, the opposite in name, has become a hell to live in. Thus, Shri Ram Chander Ji, the Moon of Ram, Sun, was an Avtar of "Vishnu".

In the Doapar Yug came Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, a NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAR. NEETI is related to politics and as the name implies, "Krishan" stands for a "Ray of Light" and "Baldev" means a "DEVTA of SHAKTI". That is, the work of Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, who was keeping in mind the Muryada of Shri Ram Chander Ji or the Light of Vishnu was to uphold the righteousness. As the head of a state is supreme, so is "Shiv" supreme and, therefore, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was the incarnation of "Shiv" or "Mahadev". Further, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was known by many names and the most favourite of all was "Gobinda".

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