CAPTIVE GRAY ALIEN - Some Questions (320x240)

First of all I have to tell you all the following: (1)95% of all answers will "appear" as you follow this Series of the Captive Gray Alien. (2)You have to read the 5 Parts of the Dossier that are among my "Photographs"; it's super-detailed.
The Dossier appears in a video format too; I prefer reading the Files of the Dossier instead of seeing it as videos.

Acting this way we'll avoid many repetitive answers (questions) about things already discussed in the Dossier and also along the Videos.
It all started here; with the light incidence fitting 100% with the EBE body and the blinking of his eyes (or simply one eye) and the reflex at his pupils. Notice I have made this video only 320x240. I was just "talking to myself"; this one is not so important!

This is the result of a common activity all over the World: the rescue of living Aliens.

Questions not discussed yet will be welcome...


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