Chris Matthews Hates the Constitution

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Oct 24, 2009
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Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes on MSNBC

Stewart Rhodes, who is an veteran, a graduate of Yale Law School and former D.C. staff member for Ron Paul attempts to calm the unfounded fears of MSNBC's "Hardballs" host and refute some clown he brought on from the alarmist Southern Poverty Law Center. Of course, they both do everything they can to prevent Mr. Rhodes from engaging in anything that resembles a civilized dialogue. They interrupt him, dodge his questions and change the subject every chance they get. Yet they still fail at their task of discrediting Oath Keepers miserably.

Thanks MSNBC and SPLC for giving us almost 15 minutes of national exposure and for showing yourselves to be the desperate, ineffective employers scare tactics that you really are! They should rename this show "T-Ball" or "Softball".

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