New Nibiru / Planet X Video by NibiruShock2012

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A second video was released by NibiruShock2012.

A common reaction to these NibiruShock2012 images is that they are impossible with a submillimeter wave telescope such as the South Pole Telescope (SPT). However, it is common practice to render the images obtained from such telescopes as "false color images."

Images taken by telescopes that observe at the "invisible" wavelengths are sometimes called "false color images." That is because the colors used to make them are not "real" but are chosen to bring out important details. The color choice is usually a matter of personal taste, and is used as a type of code in which the colors can be associated with the intensity or brightness of the radiation from different regions of the image, or with the energy of the emission.

For example, in the black and white Chandra X-ray image of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A (Cas A) shown on the left, the darker shades represent the most intense X-ray emissions, the lighter shades of gray represent the areas of less intense emission, and the white areas represent the areas of little to no emission. In the yellow and orange version in the middle, a different "color code" was shown. There, the white and yellow colors represent the areas of highest X-ray intensity, the orange to red areas represent the areas of lower intensity, and the black represents little or no emission.

It is important to note that, absent independent confirmation, I cannot authenticate these "false color images." However, the aspects of this story that compel us to declare this a video a credible, "unofficial" leak are as follows:

1. SPT Mystery Teams
2. Intelligence Cover-up
3. International Informant Chain
4. NibiruShock2012 Images

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