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Oath Keepers Speak Out at Inaugural Conference


No amount of controversy will keep Oath Keepers from educating people about what it means to support and defend the Constitution. ... That was the message Saturday during the kickoff of the group's inaugural national conference, a two-day event that comes at a time when Oath Keepers is experiencing a surge in membership and notoriety. Started earlier this year by Las Vegas resident Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers is a nonprofit organization made up primarily of current and former police and military personnel who renew their oaths to the Constitution.

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  • Ruquick#

    Ruquick December 26, 2009 5:53:07 AM CET

    Hey people I've been trying something new.Whenever I post a comment on a You Tube comment board, or any board for that matter, I finish with.........."OATH KEEPERS ROCK!!"i'd love to see that become a trend!People who are'nt familiar with it are going to want to know what it means...alot of them will google it.I't might just wake some people up! In fact I know it has already. OATH KEEPERS ROCK!!

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