Attempts to re-write history! Untold Suffering!

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Nov 1, 2009
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"Judaic Bolshevism"!?? The FIRST[!] name given to Russian communism! Most of you believe that your government LIED to you about 9/11, the Iraq "war", Vietnam, Iran, JFK, and all of "their other crimes against humanity far to numerous to mention them all.!! But because more money, and resources have been put into the Lies concerning WWII than all of the others combined..! This deception you believe..!? I implore you..!! If you value your life, and the life of your family.. You had better study Judaic Bolshevism, and what really happened during WWII!! For it is the same group of people that are behind it's "re-birth" starting in China, and ending with the utter destruction of these United States..!! Better wake UP!! To learn more..? Sign up at:

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