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The N Word


This is a spirituality video from The Westside Mobb, and it was made in Honor of Staff Sgt Kendall Waters-Bey of Baltimore, the first Moor to die fighting for this country in the Iraq war. The Mayor of Florissant Mo, he was police chief at the time, once told the local media here in St Louis, that Moors was only a jail house cult of thugs and killers, and that's how they view us today in this town, how wrong they are. Just think he is now the mayor, anybody who voted for him had to be a ass hole, just like they was when they elected him chief of police, the Moors was here before his mama and daddy. Anyway! the asiatic people of america have lost their way, they are upset over a word that don't even apply to them or any human being. Negro is not a race of people from Africa, and it's time to wake up from this coma of 500 years and get shit together. If you ain't no Niga, the word shouldn't bother you, The ole saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me, Got-Damn!!. We is keeping that ole slave shit alive and the devil love every minute of it, we fighting and fussing over none sense and he is doing his thang. A NIGA IS A DEAD PERSON and the NECROPOLIS is full of em.......Peace & Luv, The Westside Mobb

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  • Magjic7elohim#

    Magjic7elohim November 2, 2009 2:21:23 PM CET

    A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, The Westside Mobb don't give a rats ass about ratings and mutha-fuckin stars and shit, this video is about truth and the truth can never change, because truth is based on merits, not noise. We rather educate our people with truth, instead of showing half naked sisters shaking their ass in our video, because we are the one's dieing from violence, they have changed us into monsters over time and we still can't see it. The Westside Mobb ride with God and the Devil can kiss our asiatic ass, we don't fear Death because Death is our Friend. We are Street Hard to the Core and have paid the dues in this got-damn ghet-o hole, we see death and poverty everyday, so you can't hurt our feelings with bull-shit comments. By giving us one star, this is suppose to make us feel bad and say this video ain't shit,. You gave it one star mutha-fucka because this video is telling the truth, so you don't want the truth to get out. American history books was wrote in favor of europeans, they are the only one's in the mutha-fucka that ever did anything. If black folks keep letting the devil push their button with the word NIGGER or NIGA, that's on them, but when the day is over, it still don't change what the word really mean......Peace & Luv, The Westside Mobb

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