Sacrifice - In God, there being no Jew or Gentile,

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Sacrifice - In God, there being no Jew or Gentile, both man and woman could be saint but in Adam where you have to fight against the sons of Satan, only men give their sacrifices for they are sons of Man whilst the women serve as Shakti or force behind the men. Mai Bhago Ji is a typical example who led her village men to fight against the sons of Satan created by the Mullahs, the sons of Satan in the Real Islam who enforce their own wills. This fact is known to most that a female entity a bird, cow, woman, etc is not given as Blood sacrifice in religious rituals mostly of Jewish and Hinduism. Female sense starts from our Planet earth, which we call as Mother because we are born of the clay or earth and to earth we return on our death. Real self soul comes from our Real Father God whereas our biological fathers just play role in procreation. Without females, there would be no animals, people and so on. For the reason of procreation and service, the female are given protection and it starts from our countries. In the process of protection, it is the men who normally fight the agressors. Christ Jesus called the sons of Man as Salt of the earth whilst the people without conscience are called saltless people to be thrown out of the Churches. This I have explained in the Playlist, Peter, the Rock.
In flesh, our parents, Father and Mother, they are two but in Spirit, they are One. Our Mother Holy Spirit prepares us for Marriage to our Father so that we become the Son and Daughter of God possessing the Mercies of our Father and the Wisdom of our Mother Holy Spirit. When Christ Jesus was performing the Merciful Deeds of our Father as the anointed Son, no body was against Him so much as when He started to Preach Gospel learnt from our Mother Holy Spirit. It was the Gospel Truth that annoyed the Temple Priests and they got hold of Him to kill Him for enlightening the people about our Parents.

I am giving this talk in spirit and if any of you would like to add or rectify me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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