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The Grey Agenda 4/4

  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Nov 5, 2009
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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u November 6, 2009 10:41:33 PM CET

    All those different kind of aliens, and I still have the first to see in real. It is never proven that there are different aliens on our planet, As far as Teimon knows, there are only the Grey's and the Tery. There are two kind of Grey robots, both designed for specific jobs within the biological robot industry. They are different but have the same label, Produced by the Tery. The Tery are from a specific line and are descendants from the ones that visited Earth several times in the past. The Tery are just a colony of the same interplanetary culture. It is very possibly that there are other colony's from the same lineage as the Tery on other star systems like our solar system, but they are all the same people, They are humans and descendent's from the Ancients. The Ancients are the ones the Hopi and the Maya's refer to when they speak of the Ancestors and the men of wisdom, They are not Draconian s. Thats a name of a science fiction series. They are just one big interstellar family, With a old and long history. So the Ancients where not reptilian looking beings like the Anunaki are described. They where beautiful people but it was forbidden to portrait them realistic. So the artists had to portrait them like humans with animal heads. They where humans, maybe with a little bit of different eyes. But not more different than the difference between Chinese and European eyes. But why where the artists forced to create these fake representations of the Ancients??? This is my view. It is very probable that when the sons of the Goths took over the power of there fathers, they made them look ugly as a kind of negative propaganda of the enemy like we know it in the history of mankind. Just a old trick for those in power to destroy the believe system of there enemy's. The Grey's can present themselves in different shapes by means of telepathically induced vivid hallucinations. It is not shape shifting!!! It is just an old trick, every Hindu Fakir can produce. Kind of collective hypnoses, But there is nothing on the camera, believe me. Fakir means %u201Cspiritually poor%u201D. It is possible although that some of the pictures of bizarre aliens recently on the web are the first products of genetically manipulated embryo's of humans and eventually animals. It would be very sad if this is the case. If scientist find corpses they must study them in depth, They can be prove of genetically modified embryo's or products of failed experiments, If this is the work of humans or Grey or both, the executers of these programs are from this moment that this text appears on the web considered severe war criminals. Don't think that the the top of the Initiated humans in the alien reality know it all. They know the most of what has happened. Sure, But they don't know it all. Otherwise we where not in such a mess with the Grey. I hope they decide very soon to ask the help of the whole of mankind to finally reveal the secret program so that we can all prevent together that the Grey will get away with there matrix of control. They need us all to do the job. They can't do it on there own. It is to big. I admit it has no use to point fingers to anybody now. First things first. We have to solve the Grey problem by all means. The rest is for historians and layers. Thanks for this series Pindz.

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