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Earth is in fact growing

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  • uploaded: Apr 12, 2007
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  • Trueseeker#

    Trueseeker July 7, 2010 6:42:55 AM CEST

    Yes, it does make sense that the earth is growing. Why? On average the earth collects 40 tons from meteors and other space debris every day (yes, every DAY). So over a 100,000 years, that's nearly 1.5 Billion tons of matter added to the earth. So it kinda has to grow.

  • Chalk246delta#

    Chalk246delta August 25, 2009 7:38:06 AM CEST

    Looks like we have another reality watching tv lamb skeptic who doesn't have a clue obviously:)

  • Micnakaloon#

    Micnakaloon January 28, 2009 5:29:45 AM CET

    when nibiru's moon destroyed tiamat, the explosion blew the oceans off mars. the asteroid belt was left behind, and the remains became the earth....duh

  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 November 25, 2008 8:31:12 AM CET

    its also all that other stuff that passes thru us and the earth, the stuff that forms electron and protons, its called neutrinos. So far, they have calculate that it travel at the speed of light(therefore it knows no time) and that it can also be at multiple places at once(well, if time has no hold of it, it is also true to say it can be everywhere at once)My own guess on this neutrinos, is that if it can be in all time and in everywhere, when it stops, to form matter like electron, those electron form atoms and so on,--it creates matter. It has too.But we don\'t live long enough to see any effect on our body, or do we. We all grow from a small cell.Maybe that\'s why scientist call this neutrinos the God particle.Peace

  • Theshee#

    Theshee September 20, 2008 12:04:16 AM CEST

    Excellent!!! Very well explained x

  • Jon1313#

    Jon1313 September 5, 2008 7:28:58 PM CEST

    This is one of my favorites

  • Anarchy#

    Anarchy September 26, 2007 4:58:54 AM CEST

    The earth is just taking a big deep "cleansing" breath. Everything will be ok once it exhales and finds its center. Then maybe I can walk to Hawaii from Mexico!

  • zerox#

    zerox September 21, 2007 11:14:27 AM CEST

    Excess hydrogen and oxygen combined during enormous explosions of huge pockets of oxygen by powerful lightning strikes.

  • zerox#

    zerox September 21, 2007 11:13:03 AM CEST

    Millions of tons of space debris and dust, over long periods of time.

  • Segalindoa#

    Segalindoa August 24, 2007 11:35:01 PM CEST

    so.... where is all the new matter supposed to come from????? This is not a theory is just a JOKE

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