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Lieberman & Foxnews Homegrown Terror Propaganda

  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Nov 9, 2009
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  • Coopnutts#

    Coopnutts July 7, 2011 1:43:11 PM CEST

    the public option plan??? did u hear that??? we dont deserve to have the choice? is that what that isreali jew said???sounds to me like he said it clear"people want us to take control of their lives"...for those who do want the government to step in and control every aspect of our lives and make our decisions for us, you dont deserve to live as an american...for you have forgotten what being an american is all about!!!

  • Coopnutts#

    Coopnutts July 7, 2011 1:35:03 PM CEST

    I bet you dont ever hear about the jewish radical and their agendas do you?? i see the bullshit these people are putting out there..simply put..if we stop letting isreal get away with all the human rights violations and becoming the enemy of the world...keep in mind...if you were oppressed what would u do? you will know what it feels like very soon...

  • Coopnutts#

    Coopnutts July 7, 2011 1:31:38 PM CEST

    He was most likely a agent of mossad...false flag home grown bs to make us scared....are you scared?

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