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The most censored video on the web! Better Listen#1


This video is for those of you who have been deceived your whole lives when it comes to the history of war,[especially WWII] the United States government, and everything else of any great consequence that might help to be able to think critically, and for yourselves..!! Better Listen!! America has lost almost all of it's standing in the world, and over 75% of it's manufacturing!!! We produce nothing, and we consume everything.!! And none of this happened on accident.. Here is a speech by a man that cannot be ignored, or falsely labeled as racist, or anti-Semitic! For him himself is Jewish! And that is why the Zionist pigs in power have censored this video more than all others combined!! Better Listen he is trying to help you..!! This may be the most IMPORTANT speech you ever hear! To learn more about this man, and to verify that what he is telling you is the truth....?? Please Sign up at: and thanks for watching both parts!

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  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 November 12, 2009 10:28:49 PM CET

    So they fought in a WAR started by Jews!! And then came out alive, and they did it for JEWS, and the creation of Israel!! And don't you worry your empty little head! The camps are coming for folks like me who dare tell the real story behind WWII, and The HOLOHAX!! The only historical event you can be put in prison just for questing the Jewish version of events[14 countries, and counting]..!! The victors right the "history" not the truth!! And all for pointing out Jewish racism, and supremacy of the globe!! Goddamn-it.!! Wake up!!

  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 November 12, 2009 10:12:18 PM CET

    He is but one of many Jews who have thrown away THEIR Racism, and he spent 7 million of his own dollars to expose the racist hate filled insanity of his own people........!! And you have the lack of respect, or knowledge of who he was to call him crazy..?? I bet you never even heard the name Benjamin Freedman until just now!!? This man, and many others have at great risk to themselves tried to warn us, and the fact that he is Jewish, and can't be falsely labeled an anti-Semite, is why this video has been removed from Jew-Tube more than all others..!! And I really don't give a two rats ass who in your family may have been Jewish.. Jews have proved over, and over again the faulty thinking of both Christ-insanity, and Judaism.. They, or you! Are not Gods chosen people[!] Everything in Your bible is a damn lie..!! Jesus was a teacher of buddhism, and a thief of it's philosophies!! And everything in the old testament is a clear and obvious rip off of the Pharaoh "Tut Moses's" Book of the dead.. If you had half the ability to think for yourself, instead of letting someone else do it for you you would know this..!! So tell Me..!! Is Joseph moshe a crazy as well..? He "was" [he has probably been tortured and kosher slaughtered at this point] a microbiologist who worked for Baxter inc. He was also born and raised in ISRAHELL, and was a Mossad agent.. Two months before the "outbreak" in the Ukraine he called a radio talk show in LA, and said he had info that Zionist Jews the most racist people on planet earth[!] at Baxter international would be purposely infecting the people of the Ukraine with a mutated flu virus.. Now he got the times, and dates right, and the location!!? So you go right ahead, you cursing preacher, and wait for your false god to punish all of us sinners, and "un-chosen".. Because the only judgment day that the human race will ever have to endure..... Will be the one that all of you religious nutters force upon the rest of while you help your impotent god carry out YOUR sick self destructive nonsense.!! And like I have said so many times before... Most people, and definitely "ordained by other men preachers" who love their titles.. Won't believe one bad thing about Jews, and Zionism, or the fact that they were behind communism, and the plague today, and back then, and more mass murders and butcherings[just like today in Palestine] than any other so-called people on the planet!! Even when a good Jew who decides to chose his humanity over his Jewishness, and the insane racist supremacist beliefs that come with it.. Tell you to your face, or speaks into your ear at great risk to themselves that Zionism=the murder of everything you love..! You still won't listen, or can't "hear".!! That is how bad your brain has been washed!! Now go study some other "schools of thought" other than your bible!! Find out through "real research" if he really is crazy!! You had better hope he his!!

  • Yorbles#

    Yorbles November 12, 2009 10:03:54 AM CET

    this guy is like a squirrel with a steel pecker.FUKKIN NUTS !!I have been an ordained minister for 31 years and when I read disclose tv at night I realize one huge truth.when judgement comes we will get just what we deserve.Racism,(from all sides}hatred,greed.The so called protecters of society tasering,gassing and beating and abuseing old people and the handicapped.By the way,my stepfather was jewish.I studied many schools of thought in my life and none of his relatives were communists or rich.One was captured at the battle of the bulge and the other was shot down over berlin in a bomber.Pretty rough times for 2 jewish boys,but they came out alive and they did it for all americans so that you can say the things you say without landing in a camp. here,s hopeing you clean up your karma. Rev. Jeff the way,I was responding to the video,so I did not mean to single you out zioncon76

  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 November 12, 2009 7:45:29 AM CET

    This video takes along time to load.. So be patient!!

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