The most censored video on the web Better Listen#2

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Nov 12, 2009
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This video is for those of you who have been deceived your whole lives when it comes to the history of war,[especially WWII] the United States government, and everything else of any great consequence that might help to be able to think critically, and for yourselves..!! Better Listen!! America has lost almost all of it's standing in the world, and over 75% of it's manufacturing!!! We produce nothing, and we consume everything.!! And none of this happened on accident.. Here is a speech by a man that cannot be ignored, or falsely labeled as racist, or anti-Semitic! For him himself is Jewish! And that is why the Zionist pigs in power have censored this video more than all others combined!! Better Listen he is trying to help you..!! This may be the most IMPORTANT speech you ever hear! To learn more about this man, and to verify that what he is telling you is the truth....?? Please Sign up at: and thanks for watching both parts!

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