If I am wrong you have nothing to fear? But if I..

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Nov 14, 2009
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I can not make you see the severity of OUR "situation".!! I can not MAKE you see that Zionism, and racist Talmudic Judaism is the REAL Threat to world peace, and human safety!! I can not make you believe that a small group of racist supremacist owning all the banks, printing all the money, owning 90% of the mass media and the corporations of the world, is a very dangerous thing indeed.!!? A group of "people"[?] who think they are god's chosen people, and all the rest of us are here to SERVE THEM..? But what I can do is point you to history, and the heavily documented accounts of mass murders, Real holocaust, and Genocides, and wars bank-rolled, and incited by these "Chosen Ones"!! Gentile killing Gentile, Non-Jew slaughtering Non-Jew.!! The facts are there!! It just depends on how far you are willing to dig to get at the truth.!! I am not a racist, but these liars certainly ARE..!! No matter what they say!! Their actions speak otherwise!! Are we going to allow them to butchers in the name of Zionism, AGAIN, or we will we finally put and end to THEIR MADNESS!! Those of you who would like to know more.. Please sign up at: http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060

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