Paule being a Roman and a scholar on Scriptures co

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Paule being a Roman and a scholar on Scriptures could interpret Scriptures in spirit better...2 Why Paul had an edge over the other Apostles? All the Apostles who were Paid their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost had the same Spirit of God but with different Missions. Same Spirit with different duties assigned. St.Paul was a Roman and not one of Chosen Tribal People and that gave him an edge over others in clean conscience. Romans were ruling over Israel for their hearts were cleaner than those of the Chosen People especially the people of Judah tribe who were the Princes of Darkness or most corrupt. The same situation is true in India that Moghuls came to rule over the Indians as the people of Khatri tribe were very dishonest and greedy people. So, Saul had the earnest desire to gain the Jewish knowledge of which the Jews were boasting on the roof tops. Thus, Saul had the best teacher Gamaliel, who was well versed in the letters of the Books or Scriptures but lacking spirit to interpret them. That is why Christ Jesus surprised the Doctors of Law with the interpretations of Torah in spirit. This spiritual knowledge was passed by the word of mouth through Oral Torah and as the Rabbis had become money minded and greedy putting on silken clothes to impress upon the simpletons, God had taken the spirit of Oral Torah away from them and they knew only the letters of the Oral Torah. John, the Baptist did not love Mammon and being an Ideal Rabbi, Prophet Elijah, He dispensed the moral laws with the full knowledge of the Oral Torah and His Judgments were Perfect that the corrupt Temple Priests were afraid to announce such as Harrods marrying the wife of Philip is unlawful. So, the Temple Priests or the moral teachers, Matt.13.52 were not possessing the New Treasures or His Word and they were plying the dead letters for their living as today you find these Dog-Collared Priests, the hirelings of Mammon worse than those Temple Rabbis. That is the Middle Candle of the seven-candled Menorah representing Oral Torah was Dry and Empty. That is why Saul was dead in spirit full of the zest for God. He had conscience but as he was studying under Gamaliel, it was sold to him and he was doing things which his conscience did not agree to. During the stoning of St.Stephen, it was Saul who warned others, Look the man is praying for you and you are stoning him to death. That is why Christ Jesus came into his life to Save him from the clutches of the sons of Satan, the Temple Rabbis, and the Brood of Vipers. So, when He had the Damascus experience of receiving the Full Glare of Celestial Light, then on shedding the thick misty skin of Darkness, He had the very Spirit of God humbling Him to change His name from Saul to Paul to become the Servant of God in honour of Christ Jesus. Then, with the Full Knowledge of the Oral Torah, He interpreted the Moral Laws or the Scripture with the same Authority as Christ Jesus did to the Doctors of Moral Laws when He was of 12 years old. So, that is why Paul goes deep into the Scriptures to explain them in spirit. But today, as the Doctors of Laws in the Universities are more blind to spirit than those Temple Rabbis at the times of Christ Jesus, hardly any one knows that as a Jew is a spiritual self, not a single Jew died during the Holocausts but the tribal people of Levi, Judah, Benjamin, etc tribes. Have you come across one who openly proclaims from the Rooftop this basic Gospel Truth? Even after explaining to most, hardly anyone takes the courage to preach Gospel Truth. That is no Confidence in God that not a single head hair will come off without the Will of our Father. Come on and carry your Cross please!!!

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