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The lies about white Europeans running slavery!


Those of us who descended from "white Europeans, Germans, Irish, French, Russian, British, Dutch, etc...etc... Have been taught in our schools, in our homes, in our collages, in the Zionist owned mass media..! That we were the ones truly responsible for the African slave trade, and that we should hate ourselves, and our history so that we never forget what "we did".??!! It is a Fucking Lie folks.. The "slave trade was, owned operated, and financed by wealthy JEWISH bankers!! They owned the shipping lanes.! They owned the slave ships, and the chains and shackles.! They owned the docks, and the harbors, and they pushed this JEWISH Idea of being chosen, and better than someone else on the rest of the European races.!! 75% of southern Jews owned slaves! 80% of the sugar trade, cotton industry, and tobacco trade were all owned, and operated by JEWS with slave laborers!! Better wake up people!! Stop hating yourself for things Jews are mainly responsible for doing!! The history is there, and you need look no further than arrogant Jewish authors, and sources!! To learn more about the real history of the world..?? Sign up at: http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060
and wake hell up please!!!

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  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 November 18, 2009 11:13:38 PM CET

    You mean sold to the Jewish slavers.!! Get it fucking right!! White Europeans, have done just as much good in this world as any one.. You have Jewish pride[ and for what I am not sure.??] you have black pride, brown pride, gay pride, female pride.. But don't you dare have pride in all the wonderful things white people have done in this world, and that is not to say that they have done all good things. But have any pride in any of the good works of "WHITE pepole", and they call you a racist. Well I say fuck'em.. They are the true racist!!

  • Ricokc#

    Ricokc November 18, 2009 10:49:50 PM CET

    One thing that Mr. Farrakhan doesn't mention is that many of these people were sold to the white slavers by their own Kings & Queens in Africa. I, like so many others wasn't aware of this until an educated black friend of mine brought it to my attention.

  • Stu71#

    Stu71 November 17, 2009 2:19:31 PM CET

    G'day to all, my first comment on dtv. I never thought that I would be commenting but this man has blown my mind. What a true leader. Passionate, Brave, Intellegent, Charismatic, Informative, I could go on and on just love what this man is doing and would like to know who he is. Obviously he has been around for a while but being new to this site, I wouldn't have clue on who he is. Can someone please help me out. Oh I'm a white Aussie bloke, with white european ancestry and brought up a Christian but the brain washing didn't succeed. Cheers to all.

  • Bri84#

    Bri84 November 17, 2009 9:43:28 AM CET

    The houses of Satan are the ones that don't teach forgiveness.

  • Zioncon76#

    Zioncon76 November 17, 2009 4:29:51 AM CET

    Why should I be ashamed of Jewish behavior..?? Yea I am "white skinned" that don't mean shit unless of course someone is a racist!! I grew up in south Detroit, and had the same troubles of anyone, black, white brown it did not matter because we all had nothing, and we all came from nothing!!

  • Kemeticwarrior#

    Kemeticwarrior November 17, 2009 12:31:27 AM CET

    Wow, I am shock that somebody that is white is willing to put info out like this...Peace,

  • Bunchbrady79#

    Bunchbrady79 November 16, 2009 8:29:32 PM CET

    The TRUTH will always be brought to the light

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