How many times must we sit by, and watch?

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Nov 16, 2009
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Enough is enough.!! The fact that Israehell[!] commits such despicable acts, and we the American people sit by, and do nothing every time!! Ought to reveal even to the slowest of learners, who really is in charge here in the United States, and who is really being "over represented" by our so-called leaders..!! What an Impotent lap dog we have become for the international Zionist movement!! Make no mistake.!! In two hundred years from now... Those who document history, will write that the United States of America somehow in the early 21 century became the United States Of Zion, or Israel!! The re-payment for our efforts in helping them fight off the Nazi's, and helping to create the State of Israel!! Thank-you Master Rothschild!! We are but your humble slaves!! To shed the yoke of mental, and financial slavery..!! Sign up at:
and help fight the REAL enemies!! The enemies within!!

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