Informational on Joseph Moshe AND THE UKRAINE

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Informational Video on Joseph Moshe

Some links for sources and followup research:
Dr. A. True Ott is an activist, constitutionalist, and opponent to swine flu vaccination.
"Dr. Deagle show" where A. True Ott discusses his phone call from Moshe.
Raw news footage of the capture.
ABC news report claiming Moshe was mentally ill and threatening to blow up the White House.
Plague or mutated flu viris rapidly infecting and killing in Ukraine.

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Moshe Bar Joseph's profile on the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture website. Says he retired in 2004 from their team. Lists some of his publications, mostly on citrus plant virii, as recently as last year.

UPDATE Nov 16:
Really inconsistent (and wrong) information, such as using week-old numbers, and states that 3 virii somehow mutated into one bacteria... but the article is important in that it shows the mainstream media are finally covering this massive story. I notice hits on this video have risen dramatically in the last 24 hours, so maybe that's why. Hopefully more outlets start to actually report this huge story, and get the facts straight next time!

EDIT Nov 17th:
Facebook group dedicated to finding Moshe.

1.46 million infected
328 dead
83,000 hospitalized

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