LSE held a Forum on Church History and none over t

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LSE held a Forum on Church History and none over there knew what is Rock or Sand - 3. University Professors no better than Saul, dead in letters.
Today, 18/11/09, I went to London School of Economics where they had a Religious Forum and listened to Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, MA DD (Ma, PhD Camb; Dip Theol Oxon; Dip Arch Admin Liv), FBA, FSA, FR Hist S; Professor of the History of the Church, Saint Cross College, Oxford University, England, who had made a lot of appearances on British Television exploring the History of Christianity. Diarmaid MacCulloch is Professor of the History of the Church, in the Theology Faculty; he is a Fellow of the British Academy, and co-edits the Journal of Ecclesiastical History. He has written extensively on Tudor England; his biography Thomas Cranmer: a Life (Yale UP, 1996) won the Whitbread Biography, Duff Cooper and James Tait Black Prizes. Previous publications have included "Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490-1700", with Penguin/Allen Lane (appearing in the USA as The Reformation: a History). Professor MacCulloch can currently be seen presenting "A History of Christianity - the first 3,000 years" on BBC4 (the series will be repeated on BBC2 in the new year); the accompanying book - 1,161PP, ALLEN LANE, £35 T £31 (PLUS £1.25 P&P) 0844 871 1515, is now available. The title of his talk was Future of Christianity and the Forum was chaired by Prof. John Breuilly, Chair LSE. Prof. MacCulloch had also brought with him his large Book, three to four inches thick, on the History of Christianity for sale. Normal shop price was something like £35.00 but after lecture it was £30.00 and signed by him. There were about 150 to 200 people and during the question time, I asked him that Jesus told Peter that you are the Rock over which I will build my Church of God. Jesus also told that a House built on Rock can withstand the water force whilst a House built on sand cannot. I asked them what is Rock and what is the sand please? They understood my question in full and I told them that I have the answer too. None of people attending the lecture knew what Rock is and what Sand is but sincerely admitted that they have no idea. Then I told them what is Rock, speaking the truth and how Saphira and Annias were put to death for telling lies and that is building the House on Sand. And further, I told them how the Apostles were pushed out of the Churches in Judea Region and killed. Then they appointed Presbyters, first not paid, and then paid leading to the present Dog-Collared Priest paid in Mammon. They were not happy with my last statement and told me that is enough. In short, the Roots of the Tree of Christianity in letters is dead that they do not know this very basic Foundation that makes the Tree of Christianity living, then what type of Future of dead Christianity they are talking about? Such University Professors are no better than Saul who learnt the letters of the Written Torah from Gamaliel, a better Professor than these University Professors. They are just Saul with a clean-heart as Saul being a Roman had. So, I requested Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch for a mutual meeting to help each other as they know the Letters and I can provide the interpretation in spirit. I doubt it if he would like to meet me thinking that what the hell this retired lecturer in metallurgy knows about Christianity? Here, the haughtiness of the letters or being drunk with the old wine of the letters might prevent him to open his heart to me. However, I gave him my Book on Gnosticism and the Trinity and Easter tables as well. I will ring him later and I would let you know of the outcome. God bless those who have the understanding of this very basic what is Rock and what is Sand as it makes the Plant of Christianity in our hearts Living to produce befitting Fruit for our Father. Such peoples names are written in the Book of our Father.

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