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MTV Warns Viewers of Looming Police State

  • Terratop
  • uploaded: Mar 13, 2008
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The two MTV commercials blatantly warn its viewers to wake up and start thinking about the direction our society is headed towards. These small warning chirps coming from the young canaries at MTV are a sign that the human spirit can break the tight grip of the corporate controlled media. Tune in to the alternative for the latest on what's really happening behind the scenes. Click the link below.

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  • Kennyforever#

    Kennyforever September 27, 2010 11:26:21 AM CEST

    Well done MTV,wake up America you have surendered your freedom to Monsters.they lie and control you,next time vote for an Independant candidate,

  • Ahmelmahay#

    Ahmelmahay March 5, 2009 11:05:15 PM CET

    excellent vid, well done MTV, lets hope this never really happens, but i think we know better the way things are going.

  • Hdchop#

    Hdchop March 14, 2008 1:29:03 PM CET

    Well, You know someone of status trying to get the word out on what might be coming or so they think - Like they say - THINK - it is possible if you just look around..

  • Benta#

    Benta March 14, 2008 12:31:44 AM CET

    Great spot. I did not know that MTV is promoting things like that...

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