The Most Deadly Parasite ever! Who will you believ

  • Uploaded by Zioncon76 on Nov 20, 2009
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Take nothing in this video at face value.. And before you, the lied to Gentile, began to scream "racism".. Ask yourself "what if".?? What if this video IS[!] the truth?? What if Talmudic religious Zealots are planning another genocide, or pandemic!! Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of just writing this video of as just more spontaneous, unfounded hate towards the Jewish people!! 109 expulsions, and a history of usury, subversion, and subjugation.. If I am wrong then you can just ignore all the signs you see around you everyday that tell something very bad is coming, and it won't be an accident!!! To learn more Sign up at:, and you better hurry, they are moving against us in a big way, and very soon you won't be allowed access to this information, or so-called free-speech!!

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